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WVIA upgrades master control suite to HD

IRVINE, CA - When WVIA upgraded its master control to HD, it looked no farther than Compix Media’s LCG9000R HD to handle its live video graphics.

WVIA upgrades master control suite to HD

IRVINE, CA – When WVIA upgraded its master control to HD, it looked no farther than Compix Media’s LCG9000R HD to handle its live video graphics. “It was a no-brainer for us to get Compix Media’s system for our new Sony MVS switcher,” said WVIA production manager Ben Payavis. “We replaced our Chyron with Compix because it was a lot less expensive and very user friendly, so our part-timers and freelancers could learn it quickly.”

Compix GenCG software has been in place at the station since 2003, first the dual channel SD version (LCG3000D) that was used in the production truck and now the HD version for master control. WVIA serves the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton market and has 15 full-time engineers and production staff.

All WVIA’s graphics are created in Photoshop which is networked to Compix. Staff places transparent layers on an alpha channel that’s imported as a Targa file into Compix. Text layers and fonts are added and the graphics are saved in the program so staff can just open Compix and update the fonts. Operators can wipe a lower third in and out with Compix—it doesn’t tie up the switcher because the Compix software includes a special effects generator.

“It gives us more flexibility with the small switcher we have in our truck and adds production value,” Payavis explained. “I can pop up an effect on a key channel and once the key is hot into the switcher, our Compix operator does the wipe.” The Compix SD is dual channel so one channel is used for lower thirds and the other stores full-screen graphics.

Another Compix function that’s a winner is the system’s ability to automatically play loops. “We can set up a program to loop, say 40 messages continuously, and it will repeat automatically. It also is very easy to use Compix as a still storer for full-screen graphics that we use all the time in our auction shows. Compix gets us from point A to point B quickly and easily.”

If operators want to create files on another PC and import them to Compix, they can easily do that because Compix software is Windows-based. It can be loaded onto any PC so operators can work with a file offline, and then send it to Compix in master control, freeing up the master control computer.

Another plus is Compix Media’s technical assistance. “Our engineers really like Compix’ tech support. Everyone is very friendly and easy to work with, plus we get free software updates. Compix has been a solid performer for us.”

For more information on the LCG 9000R HD and local/regional distributors, contact Compix Media at (949) 585-0055 or visit www.compixmedia.com.

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Compix Media offers a full range of Live Video Graphics solutions that combine true broadcast quality, creative power and flexibility, easy of use and a fully-integrated software/hardware platform. Compix live video graphics systems are designed to meet the video production needs of broadcasters, cable systems, PEG channels, schools and universities, houses of worship, post-production studios and corporate/IT communications facilities.

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Compix Media is the leading designer and manufacturer of PC-based video Live Video Graphics systems used in every aspect of video production in professional and multimedia environments. The company’s hardware brands include LCG 9000R HD, CYNERG SDI, LCG 7050R, LCG 3000D and ToGo SDI. The company’s software brands include GenCG, NewsScroll and AutoCast. Compix Media has over 16,000 installations worldwide in 80 different countries, in television stations, cable television companies, sports venues, post-production houses, educational facilities, military bases, worship communities, government agencies and contractors, freelance shooters and corporate IT multimedia departments.

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