Portugal seeking to present new image to the world


LISBON, Portugal (eTN) – The Portuguese government last week presented a new image for the external promotion of Portugal. This new image aims to maneuver the country into a more attractive and competitive position.

The new approach is based on the pictures of British photographer Nick Knight as a way of reflecting Portugal’s modernity in matters like renewable energy. In order to achieve this, the campaign will be illustrating Portugal as a country with one of the fastest-growing rates of wind energy and the third most ambitious place in terms of wind, sun and water energies, using the names of several high profile figures such as José Mourinho, Marisa and Cristiano Ronaldo who are only some of the faces that will feature in this new three million euro campaign.

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The Portuguese government’s intent is presenting a new image for the country became more evident Last Thursday, December 13, the day that EU government leaders signed the European Treaty, when a new international campaign was unveiled presenting Portugal’s new image geared towards countries as far and wide as India, China, Brazil and Russia.

Entitled “Europe’s West Coast,” the campaign aims to reduce a general lack of perception and misleading information about Portugal overseas, counteracting the claim that it is a country more commonly associated with the Age of the Discoveries than 21st Century innovation, Portuguese Economy Minister Manuel Pinho said during the official presentation.