KSU conducts tourism marketing workshop


King Saud University, represented by the College of Tourism and Archeology and in collaboration with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, conducted a three-day workshop titled, “Tourism Marketing in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Importance and Strategy,” during which the latest experiences in the field of tourism marketing were discussed, in addition to the application and execution of proper models for the tourism industry in the Kingdom.

The first session discussed “The role of marketing in tourism industry’s growth.” Dr. Habeeb Allah Al Turkistani presented a paper on “Components of the Tourism Marketing Mix in KSA,” and Dr. Weal Aziz presented a paper on “Marketing Trends and Developing Hotel Sales in the Kingdom.” The management and development Eexpert Mr. Khalid Al Zamil’s paper discussed the importance of tourism products in marketing besides the role of human resources in this respect.

The second session dealt with the relationship between marketing tourism and media. Mr. Saud Al Sehli presented a paper on “Effective strategies for tourism marketing.” Dr. Habbas Al Harbi discussed the role of promotional campaigns in tourism marketing and presented a paper on “The success of utilizing marketing communication elements into tourism establishments.” Mr. Mohammad Ibrahem Iraqi presented a paper on “Usage of electronic marketing to enhance Saudi tourism products.” The last paper presented by Dr. Mohammad Al Degashem discussed “The importance of Promotional Strategies to Market Saudi tourism products.”

The third theme was the “Diversity of the tourism product and marketing mix.” Dr. Fahad Al Elain presented a paper on “The Potentials of Marketing Oasis As a Tourism Products,” while Dr. Mohammad Bin Mala presented a paper on “Marketing Heritage Villages as a Tourism Product” and presented Thi-Ain Village as a study case. Dr. Bader Al Fager participated with a paper on “Marketing opportunities in natural tourism products” and presented Al Ola municipality as a case study.

The third and last day of the workshop was dedicated to discussing the importance of human resources in effective tourism marketing. Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Huz’a presented SCTA’s experience in this field with his paper: “SCTA’s initiative in creating job opportunities,” while Dr. Hesham Al Emam presented a paper on “The role of human resources in the marketing of Saudi hotels domestically.” Dr. Majdi Saad Al Dean presented a paper on “Qualifying tourism human resources and its impact on tourism marketing.”

The workshop’s sessions also included many seminars in which a number of experts and officials from SCTA and its PTOs participated.

At the end of the workshop, vice chairman of the Organizing Committee, chief of directorate of hotels and tourism Dr. Meshla Al Merekhi, reviewed the recommendations of the workshop, which were as the following:

1. Establishing professional associations for a developing tourism sector, including all concerned and specialized people in the name of the Saudi Tourism Association.

2. Conducting specialized workshops and scientific forums in partnership with SCTA and the University of King Saud represented by the College of Tourism and Archeology in the presence of the relevant public and private sectors.

3. Encouraging establishments that are working in the field of tourism to adopt proactive marketing strategies, and analyzing the surrounding environment of the tourism products.

Dr. Al Merekhi concluded by stating that the committee will publish the presented papers in a book as a future reference for specialists and researchers.