What is fun to do if you’re in Lima, Peru as a tourist for the Easter holidays?


Have a look at some of places near to Lima that you can visit over Easter holiday weekend.

Heading north

This trip can start in the sacred city of Caral (Supe), considered the oldest in America, which was inhabited more than 5,000 years ago and developed in parallel with the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and India. If you go by car, you have to go up the Panamericana Norte until km 180, where you turn off towards the town of Caral, cross the river, and finally arrive at this attraction. Another option is to take a bus to Supe and then a colectivo for about S/. 10 per person.

Your next destination has to be Barranca, which, famed for its great food, plans to delight the most demanding palates with a gastronomic festival that takes place in front of the sea on Easter Saturday. You can safely camp on Chico and Tres marias beaches.

But, if you’re looking for a more comfortable option, you can go to one of the guesthouses positioned on the malecon in the city, which cost around S/. 100 for a double room. Don’t leave Barranca without trying the delicious tacu tacu served in Tato and Las Gaviotas restaurants.

Another nearby place is Végueta (Huaura), situated at km 159 of the Panamericana Norte, where you have to visit the archaeological complex of Vichama, which dates back to 3,000 B.C. and which is being studied by the Special Archaeological Project of Caral (Proyecto Especial Arqueológico Caral).

17 km away you will find the Albufera del Medio Mundo, where you can boat across the huge mirror of water that is home to herons.

For those who love the beach and want to relax, there’s the campsite Las Aldas, in Casma, from where you can discover small islands, neighboring archaeological sites, and try your hand at some nautical sports.

Heading south

You can also enjoy the sun and beach if you decide to travel down the Panamericana Sur. If you want to spend an afternoon fishing, take a trip on a sailboat, or check out some marine life, you have to go to Paracas. The classic excursion to the Ballestas Islands costs at least S/. 50 per person and takes about an hour in high sea.

If you opt to camp, you have to go into the reserve (with a cost of S/. 10) and take the detour towards beaches like La Mina, Yumaque, or Mendieta.

If we keep going south, we’ll get to the heavenly Ica dunes, a desert paradise that you can explore in sand buggies or go down at top speed on a sandboard.

If you find yourself in this southern city, you really have to visit a vineyard or at least a bodega or winery. Viñas Queirolo have remodeled their property which now functions as a modern hotel that offers a winemaking experience of smell, color, and taste. Its restaurant deserves a mention apart, as do the eternal walks that you can take in the middle of the green of their land, accompanied, of course, by a good glass of wine. Another place on this route of Baco, is the Bodeca Tacama, where you can get to know the process of the elaboration of the drink.

Finally, we suggest that you discover the enigmatic Nazca lines, that were studied by María Reiche. You can see them from above, by taking a flight with airline Aerodiana that offers flights from Nazca from US$106, or from the lookout tower located right by the Panamericana. Visit the Museo Didáctico Antonini to see archaeological pieces from this culture.