2009 UNWTO Ulysses Prize and Awards nomination process open


The UNWTO is opening the nomination process for the 2009 UNWTO Ulysses Prize and Awards and invites all interested parties to submit nominations and applications as soon as possible. The deadline for the receipt of entries for the UNWTO Ulysses Awards is April 24, 2009.

The Ulysses Awards are granted to projects undertaken by public institutions in tourism (governmental, public-private partnerships), tourism enterprises and non-profit institutions (NGOs, civil society, etc.), which merit distinction for their innovative contributions to tourism policy, governance, and other areas of tourism, such as the environment, cooperation for development, new technologies, etc.

The 2009 UNWTO Ulysses Prize and Awards will be presented at the UNWTO Ulysses Ceremony on May 27, 2009 in Madrid, Spain with international, national governmental, and private organizations attending.

For more information go to:
http://www.unwto.org/edsco/activities/en/events.php?op=2&subop=1# .