Sri Lanka to issue wasp protection jackets for tourists


COLOMBO – Special wasp protection jackets will be issued to tourists climbing a famous cultural heritage site in central Sri Lanka after wasp attack injuring over 80 visitors last week, a local newspaper said Wednesday on its website.

The Daily Mirror said in an attempt to reopen the Sigiriya rock fortress for visitors, some special wasp protection jackets will be issued by the Cultural Affairs Ministry.

The Sigiriya rock fortress was ordered a temporary closure on Thursday following wasps attack on the visitors continued in two days.

Some 2O people including two foreigners received hospital treatment after being stung by wasps on Wednesday while at least 60 hikers including a Buddhist monk, two foreigners and four children were subjected to another wasp attack on Thursday.

Wasps in the rock were setting up their hives and the authorities are looking at how they might have got stirred.

Sigiriya — meaning lion’s rock — is an ancient rock fortress and palace ruin surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, reservoirs, and other structures.

The rock, about 160 km north east of the capital Colombo, is a popular tourist destination within the cultural triangle, which includes five of the seven world heritage sites of Sri Lanka.