Despite speculation, extra airline fees remain


From checked luggage to in-flight food service and everything in between, travelers have been forced to pay extra for the ‘extras’ when flying. But if you’re hoping those fees where a fleeting moment, think again.

The reality is that those little extra airline fees resulted in millions of dollars of revenue for airlines, and at little stress to the traveler, according to airline executives.

At a press conference in Tempe, Ariz. on Tuesday, US Airways President Scott Kirby made it clear that extra airline fees on US Air aren’t going away any time soon.

According to a report in Phoenix’s East Valley Tribune, Kirby said carriers are likely to keep the extra service charges even as the economy picks up and demand for air travel increases. Why? According to Kirby, customers simply don’t care that much about having to pay an extra $5 for food.

“Customers care more about other things like schedule and on-time performance,” he said

US Airways charges extra for checked luggage, meals, aisle and window seats and pillow and blanket kits. Like other airlines, many of these fees went into place during the fuel crisis to help airlines recoup lost revenue.

On the flip side: with all the cheap airfare deals out there, travelers have a little extra cash to spend on extra airline fees.