In 2007, pet travel soared 33 percent to a record 20 million, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.

In addition, 14 percent – or 29 million Americans – travel with their pets, according to a recent Travel Industry Association study.

According to actress and author Mariel Hemingway, smart travelers have happy pets. Her travel plans include her six dogs.

“I think it’s important to be smart about traveling so that both you and your pet have an awesome trip,” Hemingway said. Planning a few basic considerations can help make all the difference.

Bring familiar items for your pet, such as a favorite blanket, treats and toys.

Pack a first aid kit especially for pets (tweezers, gauze, hydrogen peroxide).

Make sure your cat or dog wears a collar with an ID tag, just in case you’re separated.

Never leave your cat or dog alone in a parked vehicle.

Keep your pet on a leash as much as possible when you’re outside your vehicle.

If you’re driving, bring water from home in plastic containers. This will help prevent stomach upset from different water.

If you’re flying, book a direct flight.

If your pet is in the plane’s baggage section, write “live animal” on the crate, make sure you mark it with arrows for the upright position, and be sure it is closed, but not locked, so personnel can open it in case of emergency.

Talk to your veterinarian before you leave home. Your vet can tell you about any potential problems and how to avoid them.