Airline passengers may soon need to undergo multiple security checks


Airport security is getter more aggressive. The next time you get on a plane, you may have to go through a security check more than once.

According to the USA Today, airport security plan to do more random security checks on people while they’re waiting to get on the plane. This is in addition to the normal security checkpoint when you take off your shoes and empty your pockets.

After you pass through security TSA workers will randomly select in boarding lines, pull them aside, and look through their luggage with them. Workers will primarily be looking for people who show suspicious behavior on flights that are considered riskier than others. But right now it’s not clear what that constitutes a riskier flight.

The main reason why security will do more random security checks is to keep terrorists on their toes. Airports did this right after 9/11 then phased it out in 2003. It’s coming back because TSA is worried that airport staff, who are not routinely screened, could sneak weapons to passengers into the secure area of the airport.

So that means passengers may now have to get checked out twice before they get on a plane.