Delhi government plans Tourist Safety Act


NEW DELHI – In a bid to protect tourists from being fleeced and harassed, Delhi government is mulling a proposal to legally empower them by enacting
a Tourist Safety Act in the national capital.

“The draft of the proposed Delhi Tourists Safety Act is being fine-tuned to ensure that all aspects related to tourists’ safety in the city are covered by it,” a senior official in the state tourism department said.

He said the proposal is at a very nascent stage and is being envisaged to ensure safety of domestic and foreign tourists, visiting the national capital.

“Such a law is necessary as Delhi is ranked one of the favourite tourist destinations in the world. Moreover, it is relevant in view of the Commonwealth Games next year when around 10,000 foreigners besides 10,000 sportsmen and women are expected to throng the city,” he said.

Among several proposals being considered in the draft is the registration of tour operators to prevent fleecing and misbehaviour with the tourists. Fine and punishment against those found guilty is also under consideration.