Pakistan Tourists Arrive to Find Locked Up Motel

Operating only on Twitter?

Pakistan Tourists Arrive to Find Locked Up Motel

Thousands of domestic Pakistan tourists have rushed to Kaghan Valley, particularly Naran town, after the government lifted a COVID-19 related ban from the tourism and hospitality industries.

However, one of the biggest and the oldest tourist resorts and a historic place for family tourism – PTDC Motel Naran – remains closed for tourism operations.

When DND News Agency contacted PTDC staff protesting outside the resort for knowing the reason for the closure, they claimed the following:

“When staff and employees of Motels of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation were protesting and stating that PTI led government has seized the operation of PTDC Motels and media was reporting that PTDC operations have been closed down, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Zulfi Bokhari was (is) insisting that media was (is) reporting fake news and PTDC staff was giving a wrong and fabricated impression.”

Pakistan Tourists Arrive to Find Locked Up Motel
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The media had no litmus to check the situation because Pakistan was going through COVID-19 lockdowns. Today was the first day in this year’s summer season when the tourism industry started its operations after the ban was lifted by the government. Now facts speak for themselves as all motels of PTDC remained closed and under locks and guards.

Pakistan Tourism Limited (PTL) of PTDC has already closed down its operations. PTDC had PTL and Motels as Tourism providing services and operations, and both wings have been closed down, but the government is still insisting that it has not closed down PTDC – the national tourism organization (NTO) of Pakistan.

PTDC is running and operational only in twitter, not in reality, is the only answer one can find when visiting PTDC Motels anywhere in the north.

Half a century old and established on March 30, 1970, PTDC Motels seized and operations were not available to tourists. PTDC Motels had been the first choice of families in Pakistan for their domestic tourism accommodation due to its repute and decent security as being the part of the government of Pakistan owned accommodations.

PTDC authorities insist that PTDC operations are not being closed but are being revamped to make it a world-class tourism organization.


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