Attempts to view Turkish Airline wreckage over the weekend led to five accidents, and ten fines


HAARLEMMERMEER — Disaster tourists caused havoc Sunday on the A9 into Amsterdam when attempting to catch a glimpse of the Turkish Airline wreckage.

Motorists drove more slowly, and didn’t pay attention to what they were doing, leading to five rear-end collisions. No one was injured, according to a spokesperson of the national police corps Landelijk Politiediensten (KLPD).

Ironically curious passersby didn’t get to see the Boeing 737 since it’s hidden behind a screen. The police kept traffic going, and intervened when necessary.

In contrast to Saturday no one stopped on the motorway without a reason. Saturday ten automobilists attempted to ignore warnings against stopping and were fined 150 euros each.

Between 20 and 30 people attempted to glimpse the wreckage on foot or by bike. According to a spokesperson for Haarlemmermeer, they were sent away by police.

The area around the crash has been declared an official disaster site. People who attempt to visit the site without authorization risk a 250 euro fine.