RIYADH – The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), based on issuing the SCTA’s new organization according to the Cabinet of Ministers’ resolution and after dealing with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, urged the persons who want to obtain the required new operating licenses for hotels to present a request to the SCTA starting from 1/8/1429H.

This procedure is in the framework of transferring specialties of supervising the accommodation sector from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to the SCTA. According to the procedure, the SCTA is responsible for issuing the operating acceptances to practice tourism activities and occupations with supervising, organizing, and classifying the tourism accommodations.

Eng. Ahmad Al-Eissa, the general manager of quality assurance and licensing department, stated that the accommodation sector is one of the most important tourism potentials, and it has a big impact on the tourism sector and national economy. The tourism is productive, sustainable and an effective industry, and it is a tool that has a positive impact on all national economy aspects. To achieve a competitive characteristic at the tourism product level, the SCTA established the quality assurance and licensing department to set out and implement licensing regulations of tourism activities including the tourism accommodation sector.

The SCTA will start applying the new classification standards for hotels and furnished units in the KSA to conform to the five-star world classification. The SCTA will also review the classification of furnished unit to differentiate between the furnished units and other real estate units.