eTN Inbox.: Chin-Lee undeserving as chairman of Trinidad’s National Carnival Commission


I am quite astonished that Mr. Chin-Lee still haven’t learn from the numerous false promises he made the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago during his tenure at several ministries.

Mr. Chin-Lee promised “he will smoke all the terrorist [criminals] out of their holes,” while he was minister of national security. Well, we all know the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago today. In reality it is the so-called terrorists [criminals] who have succeeded in smoking him out of his hole at the Ministry Of National Security.

Another promise he made us when he was minister of tourism was, “Trinidad and Tobago quickly becoming the tourism capital of the world.” Again, we all know Trinidad and Tobago is at the bottom of Caribbean tourism, and if you are not aware of this fact, just ask anyone in the tourism sector, especially those in Tobago.

Now, to my astonishment, he is now promising to “make carnival bigger and better.”

All Mr. Chin-Lee has delivered is deceit, false promises and nothing of any value or substance. Nothing Mr. Chin-Lee ever promised came to reality. I see no difference with his latest promise of making our carnival bigger and better. He cannot deceive the public and I suggest he tries being truthful to himself.

No one in Trinidad and Tobago believes anything Mr. Chin-Lee says. He possesses no credibility, competence or sincerity as his false promises proves. His appointment as National Carnival Commission chairman is nothing but a patronage one.

Trinidad and Tobago would be better served if they would appoint someone with a true and in depth knowledge of our carnival product and how best to develop it, but that person is unequivocally not Mr.Chin-Lee.