Hawaii Tourism Association (HiTA) Executive Committee Announced, Other Advances Made To Formalize New Organization


HONOLULU: March 02, 2009 – The recently-formed Hawai’i Tourism Association (HiTA) is pleased to announce our first Executive Committee which will guide the association through startup and in determining its future direction and activities.

As its first order of business, the new Executive Committed voted to change its acronym from “HTA” to “HiTA.” Hawaii’s visitor industry marketing is managed via a government organization known as the Hawai’i Tourism Authority (HTA) See: www.hawaiitourismauthority.org/ Established in 1998, HTA’s mission is “to strategically manage Hawai’i tourism in a sustainable manner consistent with our economic goals, cultural values, preservation of natural resources, community desires and visitor industry needs.”

The newly-formed Hawai’i Tourism Association (HiTA) mission statement reads:
“… to inform, educate, and update the global travel industry on current and emerging trends, economics, events, activities, services, businesses, and marketing that help shape the travelers’ perception of the Hawaiian Islands.
HiTA serves as a discussion forum for issues affecting consumers, and industry members, interested in visiting or doing business in Hawai’i while also working with new markets and regions expressing interest in visiting, or working with, the Islands. By recognizing and promoting what differentiates this geographically-remote, island destination from other sand-sun-surf locations – the Hawaiian culture with its many expressions of Aloha — we enhance our ability to bring to both the traveler, and the travel industry participant, those unique opportunities that will enrich their Hawai’i experience.”

Regarding the Hawai’i Tourism Association (HiTA) acronym change, founder, Jurgen Thomas Steinmetz said, “I never thought of the two entities in terms of their acronyms. I was simply looking for a name that met our purpose. The Hawaii Tourism Association URL was available and I grabbed it. When I later realized both had HAWAI’I TOURISM ASSOCIATION (HiTA) the same acronym, which has apparently caused some confusion, we changed our acronym to “HiTA” and we trust this will help differentiate these two, distinct organizations with complementary agendas.”

“We are off to a great start,” Steinmetz said. “The response to our initial international survey garnered
overwhelming response and served as an initiative to launch this association. We have received our first monetary contribution; HiTA’s web portal is being constructed; we will have a presence at ITB in Berlin, Germany. ITB (International Tourism Exchange) is the world’s largest travel trade show which we believe will give enhanced exposure to our destination. We have scheduled a presentation to German SKAL clubs. SKAL is a global association of travel industry CEO’s and managers with chapters worldwide including Hawai‘i.

A phone conference with the trade in Singapore is expected to generate positive PR and open doors to new business opportunities. We recently conducted a telephone conference with 37 Hawai’i industry professionals participating, and our first phone ‘educational seminar for travel industry professionals’ on the East Coast had 50 callers — the maximum possible per call. In terms of next steps, information recently assembled by the HiTA about Hawai’i is currently being circulated with the help of the U.S. Department of Commerce, which has access to 86 foreign embassies and local industry and media networks in those countries.”

The new Hawai’i Tourism Association Executive Committee Members are:
Mr. Juergen Thomas Steinmetz, Publisher of Oahu-based eTurboNews which provides international travel industry news to 235,000 travel industry professionals in 226 countries and 17,000 journalists interested in travel news.

Mr. Frank Haas, Principal of Marketing Management, a consulting firm developing business, marketing, and operating plans for organizations primarily in the Hawai’i visitor industry. Mr. Haas is the Past VP of Marketing for the Hawai’i Tourism Authority and the Past National Chairman for the American Marketing Association.

Ms. Denise Moreland, President, Hawaii’s Cultural Connection, is a cultural specialist whose purpose and passion is to preserve, promote, protect, and share Hawaii’s indigenous cultural, and its essence of aloha, with all who visit Her shores.

Mr. Scott Foster, Principal, Scott Foster&Associates providing marketing communications, political strategy and public-opinion management consultation to musicians and artists, and progressive international organizations conducting business in Hawai’i.

The Hawai’i Tourism Association welcomes your comments, communications, and inquiries and we look forward to, and welcome, the opportunity to meet or work with you in the near future. Mahalo A Nui Loa

Opt to receive future information at: aloha@hawaiitourismassociation.com and visit www.hawaiitourismassociation.com

Background on our organization (HiTA) and the issues at: http://belammc.com/hita/HITA_Background_FINAL.htm