TourismROI launches Research Associates program


TourismROI LLC (, the global source of information for travel and tourism management and investment opportunities worldwide, announced today that it has launched a program to recruit hundreds of travel and tourism university students and graduates from around the world to assist destinations with promoting their tourism economic development opportunities.

The Research Associates will liaise and work with individual destination subscribers to search out, collect, collate, organize, and load information and content from the various contributing agencies and organizations for publication on the TourismROI website. They will receive a generous compensation plus a broad understanding of tourism destination management issues, resources, personnel, information, and activities.

TourismROI has established a rigorous set of criteria and qualifications to recruit and attract the best and brightest students and graduates from university programs around the world. Research Associates wishing to participate in the program should contact TourismROI at

“During our first year of operation, we learned that our most active contributors to TourismROI have been the younger generation of aspiring travel and tourism professionals who are comfortable with the concept of massive collaboration and frequently use online sites like YouTube, MySpace, and FaceBook to share their personal information, ideas/thoughts, videos, and music,” said Richard Miller, chief executive officer of TourismROI. “We’re tapping into that online expertise and experience by recruiting these tourism university students and graduates and putting them to work assisting tourism destinations with their TourismROI portfolios.”

The first research associate to join TourismROI is Syed Masood Ansar Naqvi, a 2007 masters degree graduate in tourism management from the Indira Gandhi National Open University. Miller said, “Masood, who lives in Lucknow, India, is a perfect example of the high-caliber students and graduates that the TourismROI Research Associates program is attracting. In addition to his tourism degree, Masood has a post-graduate diploma in computer applications and has been a communications chief at the Center for Tourism Research & Development, which publishes an international tourism research journal called Tourism Recreation Research.”

Miller continued, “By introducing this program, we’re accomplishing two important objectives – assisting tourism destinations with increasing awareness and information on their tourism economic development status and future plans among existing business operators and potential investors, while at the same time providing a valuable training ground for the next generation of travel and tourism leaders.”

Launched in March 2008, TourismROI is a unique centralized source of information for tourism operations, development, and investment opportunities worldwide. The web site provides extensive and real-time destination-specific information about the tourism industry, enabling participants to make current and future operating, business and investment decisions, and speeding up the entire investment and business decision-making process.

For further information about TourismROI, visit or contact in the USA or +1-646-502-8763.