Make airline pricing transparent: Praful Patel


The airline industry and Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel are on a war path over the issue of airfares.

After accusing the airlines of cartetlisation, the Civil Aviation Minister has told NDTV that the airlines are not transparent in pricing tickets.

“They charge all sort of levies while we get only Rs 200. They need to be more transparent in pricing,” said Praful Patel.

Airlines, on their part, are upset that the minister accused them of cartelisation after they withdrew the promotional low cost fares. This in turn forced many to reverse the hike.

“There is no caretlisation,” said Naresh Goyal, chairman, Jet Airways.

However, the minister insists he is not interfering in pricing issues.

“Who am I to fix the price of a ticket? I did not ask these airlines to reduce fares. I am just complaining against caretlisation. While I symnpathise with the airlines, I cannot hand them a cheque to bail them out,” said Praful Patel.

But for the traveler, the low-fare party may be over because with losses mounting by the day and demand not rising despite slashed prices, airlines say they have no choice but to hike fares.