eTN Inbox: CTN Tours San Francisco operations manager dead


CTN Tours regretfully announced the recent death of their beloved friend and colleague, Gary Crevallo. Gary was the manager of CTN’s San Francisco operations for over twenty five years. He was 62 years of age.

Gary joined CTN shortly after the company was formed in 1983 to open and operate CTN’s San Francisco operations office. Managing west coast negotiations, as well as client services, Gary played an important part in CTN’s growth, success, and longevity. CTN president Wolf Mertel was quoted as saying, “Gary was an important founding member of the CTN family who will be sorely missed but certainly never forgotten.”

Founded in March of 1983 by Mr. Wolf Mertel and Mrs. Margot Botbel, CTN remains a privately-owned company and is still dedicated to their original mission of offering the best service and value for wholesale travel to North America to international groups and individuals.

CTN Tours is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco and Las Vegas plus representation in Germany, Finland, and Kuwait.

Richard Yaeger
Consortium Tours of North America