Germany to invest in tourism in Mozambique


MAPUTO – Germany has expressed interest to invest in the Mozambican tourism sector, and some companies from that country are said to be prepared to come to Mozambique in the near future.

This issue was discussed during an audience that Mozambican President Armando Guebuza gave on Monday to the deputy speaker of the German parliament, Susanne Kastner, who is visiting Mozambique.

Speaking to reporters after the audience, Kastner stressed the need for the countries to strengthen their cooperation relations, which is one of the objectives of her visit.

The Mozambican government has defined tourism as one of the most important sectors to earn revenue, and officials in this sector have been working hard to promote tourism in the country.

Mozambique took part in an annual international event in Berlin recently, which gathered tourism operators from countries across the world.

These events are organized to publicize tourist destinations in the participating countries and to create cooperation ties with public and private bodies through contacts that will benefit tourism at global level.