2009 Pro Bowl results show increase in visitor spending and tax collection despite decline in visitors to Hawaii for game


HONOLULU, HI – The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA), the state agency for tourism, has released results of a visitor research survey on the 2009 NFL Pro Bowl held at the Aloha Stadium on February 8. The following is a summary of the findings reported by Market Trends Pacific Research:

– This year, there was an increase in visitor spending and tax collection over 2008. Visitors who came specifically to Hawaii to attend the Pro Bowl account for US$28.6 million (US$28.07 million in 2008) in visitor spending and generated US$2.9 million (US$2.5 million in 2008) in state taxes.

– The average length of stay for visitors to the Pro Bowl was 9.08 days, up from 8.51 days in 2008.

– Eight-five (85) percent of visitors at the Pro Bowl made the decision to attend the game prior to arrival to Hawaii. Despite a decline from 88 percent in 2008, the results continue to indicate that for a large majority of fans, the Pro Bowl continues to be a planned vacation activity.

– There were 49,958 spectators (49,621 in 2008) at the 2009 Pro Bowl game, of which 24,230 (24,761 in 2008) were visitors. Of the 24,230 visitors, 18,487 (19,834 in 2008) came specifically to Hawaii to attend the NFL Pro Bowl, down 6.8 percent from 2008.

– Thirty (30) percent of visitors planned a trip to a Neighbor Island while in Hawaii, down from 35 percent in 2008. Of those who planned a visit to a Neighbor Island:

– Sixty-three (63) percent planned to visit Maui
– Thirty-two (32) percent planned to visit Hawaii Island
– Twenty-one (21) percent planned to visit Kauai
– Four (4) percent planned to visit Molokai
– One (1) percent planned to visit Lanai

– Fifty-four (54) percent of visitors indicated that they had a household income greater than US$75,000, up from 53 percent in 2008.

– The Nielsen national rating for the Pro Bowl was 5.4 in 2009 which represents a decrease from 6.3 in 2008.

“The Pro Bowl has been a part of our community for 30 years, and we would like to see that relationship continue for years to come,” said Lloyd Unebasami, interim CEO, HTA.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority was created in 1998 to ensure a successful visitors industry well into the future. Its mission is to strategically manage Hawaii tourism in a sustainable manner consistent with their economic goals, cultural values, preservation of natural resources, community desires, and visitor industry needs. For more information, please visit www.hawaiitourismauthoirty.org.