Free sightseeing in the Saudi capital during spring break


The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) launched sightseeing tours around the most prominent landmarks in the Riyadh city during the spring break in cooperation with the Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company (SAPTCO).

Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Jassas, the executive manager of Riyadh PTO, revealed that these tours are free of charge for Riyadh visitors and residents. The sightseeing tours will start from Prince Salman Science Oasis on King Abdullah road; two tours per day. The tours will be conducted by using comfortable buses, provided by SAPTCO Co., inside the city starting next Saturday until the end of the week. Mr. Al-Jassas stated that the first tour will start at 4:30 pm and the second will start at 6:30 pm every day.

Mr. Al-Jassas mentioned that these tours aim at introducing Riyadh’s tourism landmarks during spring vacation, to stimulate the tourism movement in the Province, increase the number of visitors, and encourage tour operators to implement such tours. Also, the Riyadh landmark tours aim at creating a positive image of Riyadh city as a tourism city and participating in the spring festivals with a new idea. Mr. Al-Jassas confirmed that each bus will be accompanied by a tour guide to explain and answer any questions about these landmarks.

The sightseeing tours will include many landmarks such as shopping centers (Riyadh Gallery/ Al-Aziziyah Mall/ Garnada), Old Dir’iyah, the Kingdom and Al-Faisaliah towers, King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center, Al-Masmak Palace, and Zal traditional market. Moreover, tourism publications and maps will be distributed to the visitors during their tours.

Mr. Al-Jassas stated that Riyadh PTO will pay for the costs of tour guides and advertising campaigns, and SAPTCO Co. will provide free transport.