Middle East work boat market becomes more “worldly”


In the three years since they last managed a maritime event in the Middle East, the organizers of April’s Work Boat Gulf Exhibition have noticed a distinct broadening of the local work boat market. It has become considerably more worldly.

“Whereas once there was a distinct focus on British-, American-, and German-sourced vessels and equipment, we have detected much greater interest in locally and Asian-sourced products,” said Kishore Navani, manager of Baird Events.

“Suppliers of vessels designs and equipment from Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia,
Singapore, Australia, Norway, The Netherlands, and France are now having much greater sales successes in the region,” Mr. Navani said. “Indeed, local shipbuilders, suppliers, and repairers have moved ahead in leaps and bounds of late.”

The Work Boat Gulf Exhibition and its associated forum will present a global overview of what is new, inspiring, and useful in the work boat market.

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