The guide that not only sings the virtues of a great old city, but is helping to rebuild it


HOUSTON, TX – New Orleans is a city like no other. Even after Hurricane Katrina devastated it in August 2005, it gradually built itself back up, although many still believe it had been washed away. The true legacy of this unrivaled city lives on in the hundreds of restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels that have already been rebuilt; a city that, to this day, makes you glad to forget everything you know!

Night+Day New Orleans has done a superb job of celebrating the spirit of this magnificent city by giving readers a personal glimpse inside the old-school jazz joints, the hip new restaurants, and the neighborhood bars with their inimitable atmosphere that all contribute to making New Orleans so unique. Night+Day believes in the Big Easy magic so much they are donating US$1 from the proceeds of every book sold – and if all ‘New Orleans’ old and new lovers obtained a copy – what a difference they could make to Sweet Home New Orleans and Make It Right organizations in putting the final touches to this exotic city of the south where anything and everything goes!

With Mardi Gras just around the corner, this is the perfect time for travelers to take advantage of the book’s new foldout map, venue map coordinates, and photo inserts. Night+Day appeals to the avant-garde, elite group of travelers who depend so much on expert recommendations and insider tips – regardless of whether personal taste and style falls to hot and cool, hip or classic – the round-the-clock, three-day itineraries highlight the very best of the city to put travelers in the right place at the right time. All the while, anyone obtaining a copy will have the gratification of knowing they helped rebuild New Orleans.