San Diego Tourism Bureau launches gay marriage sweepstakes


SAN DIEGO – San Diego’s official tourism and convention bureau is staging a “Here Comes the Pride” give away aimed at same sex couples.

The San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau is offering free airline tickets, a five-night hotel stay and complimentary meals at some of San Diego’s finest restaurants to the couple who submits the best essay describing why they want to get married in San Diego.

“It’s all about strategy – all about going after various market segments. This is an important one,” said Sal Giametta of the Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We have a complete package that makes San Diego an ideal destination for people of all walks of life, for all backgrounds. Anybody looking to get married.”

The bureau’s Web site has a listing of gay-themed events, called “San Diego Gay to Z.”

“I don’t believe the visitors’ bureau is reflecting accurately the views of a majority of San Diegans,” said Pastor Chris Clark of East Clairemont Baptist Church. “I believe the majority of San Diegans share our view that marriage is uniquely defined as one man, one woman, until death do them part.”

The winners get five nights at a downtown hotel, meals at four-star restaurants, and tickets to the Diversionary Theater, which promotes itself heavily in the gay and lesbian community.

Giametta said the ConVis sweepstakes is open to all couples, gay and straight.