Here’s a bright spot in the sad traveler’s tale of the ever-weak dollar. One hotel company in Europe is accepting dollars in a one-to-one exchange with euros, when a euro is actually worth well over $1.50.

The ”Stay in Europe, Pay in Dollars” promotion from WorldHotels includes 41 hotels in Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain and the Czech Republic. While rates vary, an average rate is about 150 euros a night, which is the equivalent of about $237. If you pay that 150 euro tab with 150 U.S. dollars, however, you save $87. The offer is valid until Aug. 31, at participating hotels Thursday to Monday.

Stays can be booked by calling 800-223-5652 or through a travel agent. The offer is not valid online; payment is due upon checkout. The price is guaranteed at the time of booking for payments made using credit cards, U.S.-denominated currency or travelers’ checks.