Two men robbed two tourists at Suicide Cliff in Marpi Friday at noon


(eTN) – The suspects took the victims’ two wallets containing a total of $1,000 cash and other items. The robbers fled on board a Toyota car without a license plate.

As of press time yesterday, no one has been arrested yet.

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Saipan Tribune learned that the two Korean lovers, both 26 years old, parked their car on top of Suicide Cliff at 12:30pm.

While the tourists were taking pictures a Toyota car later parked behind their vehicle.

One man wearing a red mask got down from the car and approached the victims’ vehicle. The second suspect who was the driver did not go down the car.

The masked suspect raised his right arm that was carrying a black object, that according to the victims, looked like a remote control.

The object made an electric shock sound that frightened the tourists. Without saying anything, the suspect then opened the victims’ car from the front passenger side and took their wallets.

The suspect went back to their car that then sped off.

The tourists, however, discovered that their cellphone had no battery so they proceeded to Hafadai Beach Hotel where they are staying to call the police.

In a phone interview with the female victim yesterday, she said they were shocked and disappointed because they lost their money.

She said she grew up on Saipan and is now staying back in Korea. She said it was the first time for her boyfriend to visit Saipan.

The victim said her boyfriend was stunned because he thought that Saipan was a very safe place.

The two arrived on Saipan last Friday. They were heading back to Korea next Thursday.

On Dec. 11, a cashier was injured during an armed robbery staged by three unidentified male persons at S Mart in Gualo Rai.

In late October and early November 2007, six robbery cases occurred on Saipan. The series of robberies only stopped when police were able to arrest an ex-convict who was tagged as a suspect in one of those cases.