When you click on www.toursaudiarabia.com a picture of lady wearing abaya will appears with expression says “ An American woman acts as your Virtual Tour Guide to Saudi Arabia”. Jane says: “When people discover I lived in Saudi Arabia they usually have many questions to ask me. This site was created to answer some of those questions. I have filled these pages with information, pictures and experiences I found interesting”.

Jane L. Smith was living in Riyadh “My husband was in working in Riyadh. Three years later he retired and we remained in Saudi Arabia. I also was in the US Army but was retired before my husband was stationed at Eskan. My husband also served in the Gulf War”.
I love hot dry weather is what attracted me first, she said. Later I enjoyed being so close to wonderful countries to vacation in. Saudi Arabia is a country that must be lived in to appreciate what it has to offer. Perhaps what I enjoyed most is the ability to walk the streets of my compound at 1 or 2 AM and feel safe, she added. “I miss the Call to Prayer heard 5 times a day in Riyadh. It was a reminder to me that all is well in the world”.
It has some information, and pictures about camels “I did not ride a camel while I was in Saudi Arabia not because I could not but rather I had no desire to, but I attended the Riyadh Camel Races three times during my time in Saudi”. Each time the compound provided a bus for the trip. The bus was always filled and everyone enjoyed the day.
My husband would organize trips to the dessert and everyone interested would meet at our house Thursday morning, Jane said. We always had at least 3 other SUVs with us. It was just a great time to be with friends and enjoy what Saudi Arabia has to offer.
About the feedback, she have only received positive reactions from visitors to her site. “Each person tells me how interesting the site was”. One of the purposes of the site was to inform Americans about little known facts of KSA.

I am an American woman and I know what questions I have been asked over the years and I tried to answer those questions on the site.

She believes that A large percentage of Americans need to be spoon feed knowledge in an interesting and entertaining way. Once you get them interested in a subject then you can hope they find other more time consuming articles to investigate.

She add “There are very large sites filled with great information but not presented in a visitor friendly atmosphere”. I have photos on the site that surprises the visitor since they cannot even imagine such a place exists in Saudi Arabia. The photos include my dog and myself so that visitors can relate to my family, friends and myself. “I have provided links to other sites on a page for visitors who want more in depth knowledge. I hope that a nice percentage of visitors will be interested enough to seek out the other Saudi sites”.