Franko Maps and Hawaiian Resources announce completion of the Hawaiian travel map series


Visitors to Hawaii are now able to plan a complete itinerary of what to see and do in Hawaii by utilizing a “Franko Map” of their favorite island. A guide book of suggestions, presented as captions on a map, are laid out on a large map of each island with detailed blow-ups of key visitor destinations on side two. The maps are designed to be sold in stores so they are not compromised by advertising of any kind. Recommendations of what to see and do are the result of an honest effort to identify the best attractions and activities and operations within the Hawaiian Islands. The maps are constantly updated.

Folded maps are printed on a durable waterproof material. The maps include guide maps of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and the Island of Hawaii. The series includes dive maps of the four largest islands, a surf map of Oahu, a historical map of Pearl Harbor, and a guide map of Hawaii Volcanos National Park. A cruise map of the entire State of Hawaii completes the series with only the most important things to see and do on the four major islands depicted on side two.

In addition to folded maps on waterproof paper, the Franko Map line includes flat laminated versions of each map for wall mounting display and 6″ by 9″ fish identification cards with miniature maps designed to go underwater with a diver. Success in Hawaii has spawned several new guide map series for Micronesia, the Caribbean, Mexico, California, and Florida.

The maps, distributed by joint venture partner Hawaiian Resources ( ), are available in hundreds of retail stores throughout the islands. The maps are also available through mail order on the web at . Franko Maps are the perfect teaser or amenity gift for incentive travel programs since the many activities, attractions, sights, and ideas presented on each map will promote a strong desire to visit Hawaii and participate. Described as a constant work in progress, the maps provide phone numbers, web sites, and other contact information within the captions. Since the maps are sold in stores and on the web, an effort is made to include and recommend only the best of the best.

Discounts for group orders are available by contacting a special email address: . The entire Franko Map line can be seen at .