SCTA promotes family tourism during the spring break


The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) launched its spring break campaign. Dr. Fahad Al-Jurbou, assistant vice president for marketing, explained that the promotional campaign “10 days of Fun and Relaxation” focuses on increasing the awareness of the attractive alternatives that Saudi tourism has to offer as a preferred tourist destination during the spring break for Saudi vacationers, in addition to its role in forming strong family ties through spending their vacations together.

Al-Jurbou stated that family tourism is one of SCTA’s foremost priorities, based on its direct impact in supporting the development of national tourism; since the domestic tourist is the main target at this stage. Dr. Al-Jurbou called on tourism and recreational companies to present their products and events in coordination with TCC to facilitate information to the tourists, which will help them to pre-plan their vacations, in addition to support SCTA’s efforts to raise tourism awareness around the Kingdom and developing tourism programs and products.