IMEX America 2013: A rousing success and model for conferencing


Ray Bloom, IMEX Group’s chairman, stood at the door to shake-hands and thank attendees as they exited the exhibition floor of the Las Vegas Sands Expo for this year’s edition of IMEX America on October 17, 2013. This was a remarkable gesture, considering there were thousands of attendees. He undoubtedly missed some, but the effort speaks volume for Bloom and his organization.

This year’s IMEX America has proven one definitive fact: IMEX Group plus Las Vegas equals SUCCESS. Bloom confirmed that the hosted buyer numbers had increased significantly, rising from 2400 last year to just under 2700, and that appointment numbers between buyers and exhibitors had also grownR by 27% compared to 2012, with 50,000 individual appointments in addition to 9500 buyers taking part in group appointments. In addition, attendee numbers were expected to be comfortably in line with last year, totaling around 1700.

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On the exhibitors front, Bloom said, “In 2012 we welcomed 2413 exhibiting companies to IMEX America and this year we had 2694 exhibitors on the show floor.”

This year’s IMEX America can rest on many laurels in addition to the aforementioned figures. Instead of citing them all in this article, I’ll let you in on the experience of hearing about them from Bloom himself via this week’s eTN 2.0 presentation. The video below contains the audio recording of the show’s closing press conference. Bloom was joined by John Caparella, President and COO of The Venetian® | The Palazzo®, Michael Goldsmith, VP of International Marketing for the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, and Paul Van Deventer, President & CEO of Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the show’s Strategic Partner and Education Provider.

During the question and answer portion of the press briefing, I asked Bloom what IMEX America’s aspirations for growth is. In short, growth is good, but at point will you say enough is enough? His answer was inasmuch surprising as it is commendable. Listen in for yourself by clicking the link below:

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