Dr Pradhanang Expressed Deep Sorrow on Beating Tourists


(eTN) – Nepal has had the culture of paying a high respect to tourists coming to Nepal.

Dr Surendra Bhakta Pradhanang, the chairman of Kathmandu Research Centre and Father of Village Tourism in Nepal expressed his deep sorrow on beating tourists in Nepal. Dr Pradhanang said issuing a statement, “Nepal and Nepalese have no culture of beating tourists at all. Guest is always honored as God. In that sense, our tourists are Gods to whom we never beat and insult. This may be something misappropriation and out of mental disorder when we hear the news of beating tourists in the Himalayan kingdom – Nepal. It is difficult to believe on.”

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“Worse, hearing the news – tourists beaten in the Annapurna trek is shocked to me and a great loss to boosting international marketing “said the eminent economist and tourism expert, Dr Pradhanang.

“In fact, beating tourist is same as killing oneself and suicide to the national economy and tourism development. It affects to the people and country as a whole,” added Dr Pradhanang.

The interim government of Nepal has to take a full moral responsibility in this beating event. We should apologize with the tourists, Swiss government and people. The free medications and special care should be provided to the beaten tourists by the government of Nepal. The negative message may be spread and insulted to Nepal from this undesirable event in the international tourism market.

“Most obviously, beating tourist is a miscalculation in monetary equation”, opined tourism economist, Dr Pradhanang.

For generating income and employment to villages and villagers, it is most appropriate to start Nepal’s village tourism concept pioneered by Dr Pradhanang in Village Nepal.

Hence, Dr Pradhanang suggested the government and the associated authority to follow the necessary measures for present condition and for not repeating such events in future, included in the statement.