Former Seychelles president becomes ‘face’ of Seychelles tourism around the world


The former Seychelles president, Sir James Mancham, has accepted the invitation of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) to become a member of its international board of advisers.

In a letter dated January 29, 2009, WANGO secretary-general Taj Hamad said: “On behalf of the International Council and the International Secretariat of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, allow me to extend our gratitude for all your support and counsel over many years.

“We have particularly valued your participation in past meetings of the association where we have benefited from your contributions and wise advice at all times.

“I have been mandated by our association’s governing body, the International Council, to invite you to become a member of our International Board of Advisers. In this capacity, you will be able to more directly guide the development of the association.”

The WANGO has its international headquarters in Tarrytown, New York, as well as an office for United Nations affairs at the United Nations Plaza in New York City.

Over recent years, the former Seychelles President Mancham has attended and spoken at its summit meetings held in Bangkok (Thailand), Budapest (Hungary), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Toronto (Canada).

The next WANGO summit is scheduled to take place in Manila, Philippines, in September this year.