Spirit Airlines flight attendants seek end to ‘sexist and shameful’ advertising


The hubbub last week by Spirit Airlines flight attendants over what they have termed as demeaning and demoralizing advertising campaigns by the airline’s management has continued on to this week.

Represented by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA), Spirit Airlines flight attendants last week demanded an immediate end to the advertising campaigns that Spirit Airlines management continues to run.

“For Spirit flight attendants, the sexist and shameful advertising that management continues to associate our carrier with is embarrassing and diminishes our role as safety professionals,” said Deborah Crowley, AFA-CWA Spirit president. “As the face of the airline to many passengers, it is embarrassing for Spirit flight attendants to work for a management team with such little regard for so many outstanding employees.”

“Flight attendants across the world have fought for the respect and dignity we hold dear today. We will not go backwards! We will stand firm in our right for dignity and respect,” added Crowley.

According to AFA-CWA, it has fought for equality and has made significant advancements in women’s and worker’s rights for over 60 years. After working to end age, weight, marital status, gender, race or pregnancy discrimination against flight attendants, AFA-CWA claims it has redefined the flight attendant profession from “sky girl” to crucial safety professionals.

Last week, Spirit spokeswoman Misty Pinson told the Associated Press that the union was consulted last year when the carrier began the discussion on selling apron ad space, and it raised no concerns. According to her, some of the ads in question have been used for more than a year, with no customer complaints.

“Actually we’ve had great response from passengers that love the fares we offer through those promotions,” Pinson was quoted as saying.