Explosions and gunfire in Wajir Kenya


The Kenya Disaster OpCentre said on Twitter: “Receiving reports of explosions and sporadic gunfire in Wajir Town near the Catholic Mission. Awaiting confirmation from Wajir OCS.” It said that police are responding, but added that “has been an explosion, precise location as yet unknown.

Wajir is a town in the North Eastern Province of Kenya. It is the capital of Wajir County.

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A cluster of cairns near Wajir are generally ascribed by the local inhabitants to the Madanle, a semi-legendary people of high stature, who are associated with the Somali Ajuuraan A. T. Curle has reported the excavation of two of these large tumuli, finding traces of skeletal remains which crumbled at his touch, as well as earthenware shards and a copper ring.

Wajir is located in an arid area prone to drought. The town is served by Wajir Airport, with flights to Nairobi, Galkacyo and Mogadishu.

As with other areas in the North Eastern Province, Wajir is mainly inhabited by Somalis, most belonging to the Degodia sub-clan of the Hawiye. The 1999 census reported a total population of 32,207 inhabitants

There are reports of explosions and gunfire in the city of Wajir in Kenya. Reports said there were grenades and heavy gunfire involved in the attack, located near a Catholic Church.

The Wajir police chief told The Associated Press that two people were wounded after two explosions took place. Police repelled an attacking gunman.

Kenyan investigative reporter John-Allan Namu also reported that there were “two explosions” along with “short bursts of gunfire.”

Local media XtianDela reported that three grenades were thrown near the Dubai Hotel opposite the Basabra Supermarket. It added that gunmen are believed to have attacked police on patrol.

Wajir is a city in the North Eastern Province of Kenya, located around 100 miles from the Somali border. There are around 82,000 residents.

The reports of explosions and gunfire come just days after alleged al-Shabab militants attacked a mall in Nairobi, killing dozens in a several-day-long siege.