Developing sustainability reporting guidelines for world airports


Denver International Airport is hosting the kick-off meeting of 10 international airports and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to establish sustainability guidelines for the aviation industry on January 28-29, 2009. DIA’s Environmental Programs director, Janell Barrilleaux, together with environmental program managers from the 9 other international airports, will participate in the working group to develop airport-specific sustainability metrics and standardize reporting for airports under GRI guidelines.

DIA and its international airport partners have turned to the GRI as the creator of the most widely-used framework for sustainability reporting. Hundreds of companies in all sectors already use GRI’s main “G3 Guidelines” for their reporting. The 10 participating airports at the Denver meeting include: Athens (Greece); Cancun (Mexico); German airports Frankfurt and Munich; Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); US airports Denver, Colorado, Portland, Oregon, and San Diego, California; Toronto (Canada), and Zurich (Switzerland).

Over the next two years, GRI will work together with airports and their stakeholders (employees, investors, customers, communities, non-governmental agencies, and others) to create a customized set of reporting indicators for airports.

About DIA’s Environmental Program
Denver International Airport is world-renowned for its Environmental Management System (EMS), which provides a systematic approach to managing the airport’s significant environmental impacts and to promoting and encouraging continual environmental-performance improvement. DIA is believed to be the only international airport in the United States with an ISO 14001-certified EMS that encompasses the entire facility. Additionally, DIA has maintained its position as a member of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Performance Track Program and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Environmental Leadership Program. For more information on DIA’s Environmental Management Program, check .