Mineta San José International Airport installs UV light devices on all escalators

Mineta San José International Airport installs UV light devices on all escalators

When passengers reach for the escalator handrails at Mineta San José International Airport (SJC), they can be confident that they are grabbing a clean and sanitized surface each time. SJC has installed new and innovative ultraviolet light (UVC) devices on every escalator within the Airport. The devices continuously disinfect surfaces by killing up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, restoring a freshly sanitized surface for each person to grasp.

SJC Director of Aviation, John Aitken, said, “Safety continues to be our top priority and the pandemic has provided opportunities to explore new tools and approaches. With this new UV technology, we not only ensure that all escalator handrails in our terminals remain safe and sanitized, we also offer assurance that it is safe to hold on to handrails to prevent falls without the worry of coming into contact with germs.” Aitken continues, “We want our customers to feel confident and safe flying into and out of San José, from the curbside to the aircraft gate, and all points in between.”

To help achieve this, Aitken and SJC have introduced Schindler’s Ultra UV Pro handrail device, which uses an invisible dual UVC light to destroy bacteria and viruses, preventing their spread. The devices are housed discreetly within the escalator handrail framework, which means that the UVC light emitted will not affect passengers and only disinfects the surface with which it comes in contact.

SJC’s new virus-zapping UVC lights join a growing list of safety measures deployed at the Airport in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

• Face coverings required in all Airport facilities
• Regular, deep cleanings using electrostatic sprayers to disinfect hard-to-reach areas
• Hand sanitizing stations in high-touch points areas throughout the Terminals
• Plexiglass shields installed at ticket counters, gate podiums, and baggage claim offices
• Social distancing signage to remind passengers to maintain six feet apart
• Partitions in restrooms between faucets and urinals to provide additional protection

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