Europe InterRail posts strong increase in passenger sales


UTRECHT, The Netherlands – Despite the current economic slowdown, the Eurail Group G.I.E. reported a strong rise in the number of InterRail passengers. Initial indications show that almost 240,000 Europeans traveled with an InterRail Pass last year, an increase of around 37 percent on 2007 figures.

As soon as the Eurail Group took over the management of InterRail Passes in April 2006, the product was revamped and re-launched with an improved product range. The fresh new InterRail branding and pass offer has put in a stronger, more competitive position and provides a strong foundation to continue driving growth well beyond the current economic challenges. The production of a detailed Traveler’s Guide and accompanying map for every InterRail Global Pass customer has resulted in a more user-friendly product.

InterRail’s brand awareness also increased strongly. The concept of InterRailing has been revived as many people discover that the actual journey can become part of their holiday. Traveling by train allows holiday-makers to completely relax and admire the changing landscape, before arriving directly in the city center.

The growth potential for the InterRail pass is considerable as many people are still hearing about InterRail for the first time and learning that this product is now available to all age groups.

Recently the Eurail Group G.I.E. and its daughter company Eurail.Com B.V., responsible for the internet sales via, showcased InterRail at a national holiday show in the Netherlands. The InterRail booth was very well attended with over 2,000 people estimated to have visited over five day’s. Many visitors were pleasantly surprised to learn that InterRail is no longer solely aimed at young people and that, contrary to popular belief, there’s no upper age limit.

“Of course, InterRail is an ideal product for young people with a spirit of adventure and interest in the diversity of European culture,” explained Ana Dias e Seixas, Eurail Group’s marketing director, “However, our products are not limited to the younger 18-25 market. InterRail Passes allow travelers to design their own itinerary and trip to suit their needs and interests, which has a wide appeal. The desire to discover Europe knows no age limit; it is more about one’s mindset.”

Since 2007, the proportion of InterRail customers aged 26 and above has increased from 27 percent to 30 percent, demonstrating the change of mindset in adult consumers. In 2009, Eurail Group expects customer growth to continue. One major incentive in these difficult economic times is that 2009 InterRail Pass prices remain the same as they were when the current product range was launched in April 2007.