R.O.A.R: Tobago hoteliers new scheme


Tobago hoteliers are cutting rates and stepping up their marketing efforts in Trinidad and abroad to counter an alarming fall-off in occupancy levels.

It is unfortunate that the hoteliers have to take this kind of action when we have the Tourism Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago with a budget mandated for the purpose of promoting our islands. Where are they? What are they doing? Where are all their great plans and ideas getting us? What happened with Mr. Chin-Lee’s claim that “Trinidad and Tobago quickly becoming the tourism capital of the world?” Where is the big tourism business we were promised from the World Cup?

The world economic situation should not be made the scapegoat here, which is usual for our government officials these days.

Trinidad and Tobago should not have a problem like this. We have a great natural product but an impotent Tourism Development Company. Whatever they are doing, it is and has been obviously useless! Our tourism stakeholders must now confront the Ministry of Tourism and it’s officials, demanding answers and REAL initiatives and solutions, not just rhetoric! They must demand REALISTIC action! If the Tourism Development Company cannot do the job, then the time has come for it’s management to step aside.

How long are we going to gamble with the lives of those dependent on this industry for their bread and butter? How long will we pursue strategies that is proving day by day to be futile and also jeopardizing the future of tourism in Trinidad and Tobago?