AIM, together with IH&RA, Manpower, Oxford Analytica &WISeKey will launch Labor Mobility Index at World Economic Forum in Davos


GENEVA, Switzerland – Based in Geneva, the Association for International Mobility (AIM) was established in cooperation with corporate and civil society partners to enable the private sector to act directly and effectively on the major economic, social, and humanitarian challenges of human mobility.

The International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA), one of the founding partners, has played a leading role in the Labor Mobility Index to be launched at the 2009 World Economic Forum in Davos.

The Labor Mobility Index will allow governments and private sector companies to monitor progress on labor mobility policy and practice via the Internet. The Index will include an analysis of legislation, regulation, institutional behavior, openness of markets to foreign workers, services provided to them, and measures for their integration, permanent or temporary.

“IH&RA has been working on this subject of labor mobility in the hospitality industry for years, as our industry is still the first industry in the world that’s reducing poverty by hiring more and more labors and trying to care about the shortage worldwide,” said Dr. Ghassan Aidi, president of IH&RA. “The Labor Mobility Index will be a powerful tool in advancing AIM’s vision of an open, efficient, fair, and sustainable system of human mobility worldwide,” said AIM co-chair, Brunson McKinley.

The Association for International Mobility advocates on behalf of a more open and flexible international labor mobility; encourages commercially-viable services to foreign workers and the communities they live in, especially through use of mobility technology; and serves as a point of reference and assistance for civil society groups working in the field of human mobility.
In all its work, AIM is a key player to develop new methods to facilitate mobility of mabor and recommend solutions in seeking to reinforce the influence and capacity of other actors in international human mobility – individuals, businesses, civil society, government and local authorities, and organizations – and will emphasize the humanitarian dimension of international mobility.

The International Hotels & Restaurants Association is the only private association representing the private sector since 1945. Recognized by the United Nations as “the voice of the private sector in hospitality” was established in Paris in 1946 and moved to Geneva in 2008 toward the next generation.Its members have more than 200,000 hotels and millions of restaurants worldwide.