A niche of a niche of a niche — and booming: Nude gay luxury cruises


The fast-growing cruise industry is nothing if not diverse — and getting more so every day. The latest micro-trend, according to gaywired.com: Gay nude luxury cruises.

In a front page story today, the online news outlet says the concept has taken off since May 2007, when what was billed as the first-ever gay nude luxury cruise easily sold out. The voyage, organized by Miami Beach-based travel agency Source Events and Gay Naturists International, took place off Italy’s Amalfi Coast and the Greek Isles.

“We have discovered a fusion between two growth markets: naturist travel and the boutique luxury experience,” Source Events founder Craig Smith tells the news outlet.

Gaywired.com also cites the conservative crackdown on nudism at gay-popular public beaches and other areas during the Bush presidency as a driving factor in the growth of gay nude cruises and resorts on land.

The story notes Source Events plans an even more luxurious gay nude cruise in February along the coast of Costa Rica. The chartered sailing, on a high-end Windstar Cruises vessel, costs $3,099 per person and up.