Zambia future travel & tourism plans

The UNWTO General Assembly was a great success for Zambia.

Zambia future travel & tourism plans

The UNWTO General Assembly was a great success for Zambia. The Zambia policy Monitoring Research Centre (PMRC) has called for the branding of tourism beyond the current theme of “Zambia Let’s Explore” to enable the country attract more tourist arrivals.

PMRC has urged the Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) to ensure that it branded the local industry beyond the current theme so that the country could double the number of tourist arrivals.

According to the latest PMRC analysis, Zambia was endowed with numerous breathtaking tourist attractions but the reality was that, it was not attracting the potential tourism numbers.

“ZTB should target the economic power of the locals as the tourists as well as sites. There should be extensive education to the tourism sites which would increase the network of communication that would help to foster tourist arrivals in the county,” the report said.

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Tourism products, sites and heritage, should be audited and compiled into database and engage the private sector to enhance marketing of the sector locally and internationally.

It further states that citizens in the diaspora should be engaged to intensify marketing of the country in their respective country of dwelling.

Zambian celebrities needed to be included in branding and marketing Zambia, as this has been a common trend and a sure way of attracting more tourists into the country.

In addition, ZTB should endorse Zambia’s celebrities and personalities as tourism ambassadors, who would be capturing a wider audience.

The end result would be more tourists visiting Zambia’s sites thereby massively increasing the earnings from the tourism sector.

Zambia’s current tourist arrival figures of not less than 800,000 per annum was encouraging though, there was need to double the number through vigorous marketing efforts.

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