Six international airlines have opened the door to advertisers with a new initiative that will allow ads to appear on boarding passes printed following online check-in.

Delta Air Lines will launch the scheme on July 15, then rolling out the service to all domestic destinations.

Other airlines signed up to the programme, which is being provided by Sojern, include American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways.

The airlines will continue to operate and develop their respective websites independently, including online check-in. Additional content, includging adverts, will be provided directly on the boarding passes by Sojern.

It’s hoped that custom tailored content will help passengers plan for the unpredictable, by providing weather forecasts for the duration of their trip and by helping them locate restaurant choices that fit their budget and lifestyle.

In addition, Sojern will provide timely content about events that are happening in destination cities across the nation and customised offers to passengers by working with a wide variety of advertisers who aspire to reach the quality demographics represented by airline passengers.

Advertisers that have signed up to the scheme so far include international brands such as footwear company Crocs, NBC Universal, Cirque du Soleil and Borders, as well as US brands, Bahama Breeze and Omaha Steaks.

Founder of Sojern, Gordon Whitten, said, “Our focus group research has continually shown that passengers love the concept and praise the airlines for providing this innovative offering.

“And, since the airlines connect to millions of high income travelers about to embark on a trip, advertisers are also clamoring to get involved. It is truly a win for passengers, a win for advertisers, and a win for airlines.”

The airlines have been very successful attracting partners for their frequent flyer mileage programs and they expect to be able to attract more quality relationships, in the markets they serve, with local companies who wish to provide offers to the airline passengers

General manager of Global Partnerships for Delta, Marc Ferguson, said, “With millions of our passengers checking in online at each year, the boarding pass becomes an increasingly valuable tool for sharing relevant, timely offers and destination-specific content with our customers before they travel.

“At Delta, we are always looking for innovative, new opportunities to provide added benefits to our customers, and this customized data from Sojern does exactly that.”