First paranormal attraction to open in New Orleans


NEW ORLEANS, LA – In the heart of New Orleans, America’s most haunted city, the PARAPLEX prepares for its grand opening on Saturday, January 24, 2009 with the world’s first-of-its-kind, multi-million-dollar paranormal complex attraction. The PARAPLEX will offer locals, tourists, and conventioneers a completely unique, unusual, and exciting all-sense experience while delving into the mysterious world of the paranormal.

The high-tech paranormal complex will include paranormal art galleries, hands-on interactive psychic testing exhibits, a simulated seance room, a Ghost Experience Simulator, and its own on-site theater for workshops, documentaries, and feature film screenings. The PARAPLEX is located throughout a completely remodeled, 14,000-square-foot historic and haunted mansion built in the late 1800’s as a private residence and later a funeral home.

“We are proud and excited to be able to add to the economic growth and development of New Orleans with this new, one-of-a-kind attraction. Inquiries from all over the world have started to come in regarding the opening of the PARAPLEX, which will serve as an anchor attraction at the foot of Canal Street, only three miles from the French Quarter. We are confident that it will be a ‘must-see’ destination attraction for both locals and tourists of all ages seeking an exciting and entertaining experience,” commented mansion owner, Jeff Borne.

The hi-tech PARAPLEX with its arsenal of cameras of varying formats, will monitor and record all paranormal phenomena 24/7 and document interactions between the mansion’s resident entities (ghosts) and PARAPLEX visitors.

Dr. Larry Montz, 37-year veteran field parapsychologist, stated: “Twenty years after creating the concept, it is thrilling to bring my vision of the PARAPLEX to life in New Orleans, a city known for world-class attractions. Parapsychology and paranormal research is now an integral part of pop culture, and the PARAPLEX will cater to the millions in their quest for information and experiences within the paranormal realm. The continuously evolving PARAPLEX is destined to become a premiere attraction internationally, offering a signature blend of interactive paranormal education and entertainment.”

The PARAPLEX Annex, located at 718 Orleans, is the French Quarter campus of the PARAPLEX, offering a full slate of paranormal reality events including Ghost/Parapsychology Expeditions, Psychic Boot Camp, UFO & Ghost Hunters, Nighttime Swamp Investigations, and the exclusive new tour, Anne Rice’s Vampires & Other Supernatural Beings.