HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman, the SCTA secretary general, considered the Cabinet of Ministers’ approval of the tourism development strategy of the Red Sea coast and executive plan proof of the country’s concern for the Provinces’ development by the tourism development as being a promising economic sector.

HRH said that this project that includes an executive program is based on a specific vision until 2025 through gradual phases within a certain timeframe and clear accomplishments for each year. This project would achieve tangible results with high standards in the tourism development fields. HRH confirmed that the SCTA and its stakeholders in the strategy project attempt to establish an institutional and organizational framework that resembles the world practices and conforms with the economic and social objectives of Provincial development.

HRH clarified that the plan is based on the strong connection between the Red Sea environment protection and the economic considerations, which are represented in the tourism and entertainment investment establishments and the sea or coastal sports. The strategy also concentrated on evaluating the economic projects’ tourism element impact on the Red Sea coast, as well as other economic impacts like farming, hunting, traditional industries, transportation network, etc.

HRH expects that the capacity of new suggested tourism destinations will reach more than 557,000 hotel rooms within the first five years of implementing the investment program of the strategy. HRH also anticipates that these destinations will generate more than 413,000 job opportunities.