Clear Sound 911 Reviews: PhytAge Labs Hearing Aid Supplement

Clear Sound 911 Reviews: PhytAge Labs Hearing Aid Supplement

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Homewood IL, United States, September 23 2020 (Wiredrelease) Marketing by Kevin, LLC. –:Hearing loss is a common problem caused by exposure to loud noise, disease, aging, and even heredity. It is thought to be attributed to a harmful toxin in your brain’s auditory nerves and not literally in the very ears. The nerve cells and hairs in your cochlea can become damaged and eventually wear out. Clear Sound 911, a supplement manufactured by PhytAge Labs, may just work to solve the problem.

Hearing loss can negatively transform your life and steal all the joy you have. This may cause you to enter a new traumatizing phase of loneliness and suffering. brain can no longer capture the vibration and translate it into sound, causing irreparable damage. And that’s not what you want in this life, even as you grow old.

The supplement, Clear Sound 911, contains vital ingredients that remove these harmful toxins and restore hearing loss naturally. Clear Sound 911 is a supplement manufactured by PhytAge Labs, containing all-natural vitamins and minerals essential for eliminating toxins from your body that cause hearing loss. The vitamins and minerals used in the formula can help prevent the loss of hearing and provide the intake of essential nutrients that can become depleted with the onset of age and associated with most age-related hearing loss.

In the case you’ve lost or damaged your hearing, this formula may restore your brain function of the auditory nerves to normal and repair damaged tissues. Research has proven that Clear Sound 911 can help.

Functions of Clear Sound 911

This product performs the following functions in your body:

Soothes auditory inflammation Flushes auditory toxins from your inner ear Restores hearing naturally Flushes toxins that cause internal ear hair loss

Natural Ingredients Used in Manufacturing Clear Sound 911

Clear Sound 911 is manufactured using natural ingredients. There are no additives used and is 100% natural. The ingredients have undergone clinical tests on 1,847 volunteers and confirmed that they work in our formula is correct amounts.

They include:

Vitamin B1 

Vitamin B1 is also referred to as Thiamine. It is an essential coenzyme that aids in producing energy and metabolisms of lipids and ribose in your body. Lack of Vitamin B1 can lead to numerous illnesses such as Wernicke Encephalopathy (WE). This disease is caused by discriminatory and proportionate destruction of the diencephalon as well as the brain stem. Those suffering from WE experience persistent interpeak latencies on Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) tests. They also lose their hearing abilities.


In adults, a lack of Biotin (B-7) can cause:

Loss of hair and thinning of hair on your body Rashes that manifest in the areas around the eyes, nose, mouth, and the anus Pinkeye Increased levels of acid in your blood and urine Seizure Skin disease Brittle nails Disorders of the nervous system


Constant intake of niacin, riboflavin, and retinol has been proven to prevent hearing loss, and that may occur as a result of aging. Research shows that using niacin, riboflavin, and retinol at recommended quantities may significantly reduce age-related hearing loss amongst the elderly.

Pantothenic acid

B vitamins include both Pantothenic acid (B-5) and Biotin. The two dissolves in water, meaning your body is unable to store them. In case your body cannot utilize the whole vitamin, it flushes out the extra vitamin together with urine. Your body retains a small amount of the two vitamins. To preserve the remaining amount, you have to take the vitamins regularly.

How It Works 

The restoration process of your hearing starts as soon as the natural ingredients become absorbed into the bloodstream. The essential vitamins and minerals then move into the brain where the actual restoration needs to occur as the Clear Sound 911 formula then begins cleansing the auditory nerves.

The hairs in the inner ear eventually begin repairing themselves once the vitamins and nutrients remove the buildup of plaque. Combining the exact amounts of Vitamins B1, B6, B5, and B2, Zinc, and Calcium facilitates the rapid growth of new hair.

Apart from the aforementioned natural ingredients, the has included exact amounts of four other ingredients that help restore your hearing and fight toxins in your brain. The four include,

Magnesium Potassium Rhodiola Ashwagandha

These additional ingredients are vital in fighting harmful toxins that can otherwise cause hearing loss. They also assist in restoring your focus, sharpening your memory, and keeping your brain from disorders.

The company has also added Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Hawthorn, Magnolia, Bacopa, Valerian, and Passion Flower to expedite the hearing restoration process. These ingredients have been subjected to clinical tests and proven to possess the ability to get rid of the toxins that can cause hearing loss.

The powerful combination of the above ingredients helps bring back nutrients that are inadequate in your brain. This process causes the plague to fall away and hairs to grow again, repair, and restore hearing.

All these ingredients that make up Clear Sound 911 have been tested thoroughly in different facilities worldwide to guarantee you the most satisfactory natural protection against hearing loss.

It doesn’t end at restoring hearing loss. However, it also protects your brain from disorders that could occur in the future, like memory loss.

The official Clear Sound 911 website states that the formula has worked consumers successfully within a short period of use. Consumers that would like to find out if the Clear Sound 911 supplement will work as promised can order from the official website; prices are as follows:

1 bottle – $69.95 2 bottles – $119.90 $139.99 4 bottles – $199.80

To contact PhytAge Labs for Clear Sound 911 product information, consumers can phone or email the company at:

Customer Support Phone: 1-800-822-5753 Customer Support Email: [email protected] PhytAge Labs Company Address: 1732 1st Avenue #28568 New York, NY 10128 USA

Bottom Line

When you begin using Clear Sound 911, you should experience improvements in hearing within seven days. However, using it for 90 days to get the best results is what the company recommends. It is also important to understand that you need to take one capsule per day.

Clear Sound 911 is not a medication. It is instead a multivitamin packaged in the form of capsules. The PhytAge Labs product, Clear Sound 911, is 100% natural and safe for healthy adults, except those with medical conditions. Consumers who are following a healthcare regime should consult their doctor before using this supplement.

Clear Sound 911 can be ordered today, and three months to try the Clear Sound 911 product or claim the money-back guarantee offered by PhytAge Labs if this product fails to yield results.

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