A new Australian theme park hopes to lure tourists into their “Cage of Death” for a close encounter with an 18-foot crocodile, the Northern Territory News reported.

Just 1.6 inches of acrylic will separate thrill seekers from the jaws of Choppa – a saltwater crocodile.

Brave tourists will climb into a clear box before being lowered into Choppa’s lair.

They will then spend 15 minutes inside the 9-foot-high cage and watch Choppa, who lost both front feet while fighting other crocodiles, trying to take a bite out of them.

One of the first people to climb into the Cage of Death, Jim Charles, told the Northern Territory News it was a scary experience.

“You just feel the power when it hit the cage,” Charles said. “You wouldn’t have a chance (without the cage).”

The owners of the $29 million Crocosaurus Cove theme park, which is scheduled to open in Darwin, Australia, next week, have described the feature attraction as “a shark cage without the bars.”

Another seven crocodile enclosures will feature underwater viewing windows, and one will have a swimming area next to the viewing window so visitors get a sense of swimming with the crocs.