New “mile high club” encourages swapping


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – With an estimated 17 trillion unredeemed frequent flyer miles in circulation today, worth US$500 billion according to The Economist Magazine, consumers are getting a piece of their very own “bailout pie” thanks to an innovative site called .

On, consumers (not retailers) can post items or services that they would be willing to swap for miles or straight-up tickets, free of charge. They can also post miles that they need for miles on virtually any other airline, a solution to topping off that frequent flyer account that is close to having enough miles for that next trip.

A painter recently offered to paint an entire house for 2 tickets to Hawaii. Another member swapped several antique chairs for 2 tickets. A frequent traveler with a substantial miles balance swapped for accounting services, 12 massages, and a ticket to the BCS Championship football game.

Whether you have frequent flyer miles or have an attic or basement full of items, is uniquely paving the way for millions to get what they need without spending a lot of cash. With airlines shortening the mileage expiration window, frequent flyer members now have a far better option than simply watching their hard earned miles evaporate.

According to the founders: “It’s a game changer for sure. The poor economic climate has been a blessing as we provide a service that costs nothing and creates value. We’re sort of like an eBay or Amazon where the currency is frequent flyer miles instead of cash. Everyone asks why no one thought of this before!” One recent user summed it up best when she said, “It’s like shopping with play money.”