Zip lines take off in Trinidad & Tobago


Visitors to the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago can now add ziplining to the wide range of activities that can be pursued during their visit. These islands join other destinations in the Caribbean such as Antigua & Barbuda, Jamaica and Barbados in making this increasingly popular activity available to both thrill seekers and adventure lovers. Zip lines are the best way to get a bird’s eye view of Macqueripe Bay’s breathtaking beauty while at the same time experiencing all of the exhilaration that comes with such a heart stopping experience.

The entire zip line course of seven lines, the highest being 100 feet, takes between forty five minutes and one hour to complete and is an added attraction to the ever growing popularity of Trinidad’s western peninsula. Just over one year ago, the Chaguaramas Development Authority, who has developmental oversight for the Chaguaramas area opened phase one of the Chaguaramas Boardwalk which has made this area even more popular with visitors and beach goers alike. The Boardwalk has created a suitable space for recreational activities, offers free Wi-Fi access and boasts of environmentally sustainable features such as solar powered lighting and eco-friendly material used in its construction.

Zip lining has its beginnings as a mode of transportation and was first mentioned in the book “The Invisible Man” by H. G. Wells published in 1897. Wells wrote of a man riding on a cable called ‘an incline strong’ that allowed him to travel at intense speeds over difficult terrain. There is also evidence that people in the Himalayan Mountains have been using ziplining for transport for more than one century. Zip lines have now turned the corner of transportation and are now a source of fun and a major attraction in many tourism destinations starting in the 1970s.

The Macqueripe Bay Zip line promises zippers a world wind ride with a breathtaking view and all under the watchful eyes of well trained, professional staff. The course is said to be on par with ziplining locations around the world and all of the necessary safety precautions are taken into consideration and stringently adhered to.

Initial users of this latest attraction in Trinidad and Tobago describe it as exhilarating and too short as all zippers confessed to wanting more. So the next time you are visiting the island of Trinidad place zip lining on your list of things that you simply must do and experience the Caribbean’s latest adventure attraction, the Macqueripe Bay Zip line. It promises a thrill that you will not soon forget.

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