Street protests have hurt tourism industry: Malaysian PM


KUALA LUMPUR (eTN) – Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Thursday said the recent anti-government protests have hurt the tourism industry of the country with many hotels and tour operators reporting cancellations of bookings.

Malaysia has witnessed rare mass protests in recent weeks, including a massive demonstration by the minority ethnic Indians attended by thousands of people of the community who protested against their alleged marginalisation last month.

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Abdullah said the protests have hurt room bookings in the city’s main tourist district of Bukit Bintang.

“If already 10 per cent of the bookings are cancelled, it’s a loss to the hotels,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama newsagency.

“Besides, I believe that the tour agencies and tour bus operators have also received cancellations,” he said.

Tourism Minister Adnan Mansor earlier said that the protests had impacted the tourism industry.

“The ministry’s special team had to work round the clock to provide accurate information to tourism offices overseas and foreign travel agencies,” he told Bernama.