CEO explains success of ASKY Airlines

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana news Agency (GNA) in Accra, Mr.

CEO explains success of ASKY Airlines

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana news Agency (GNA) in Accra, Mr. Awel , CEO of the Gambia based ASKY airlines, said the airline’s main goal was to connect all capital cities in Africa with daily flights in order to ease movement within the continent and it was making great strides in that regard.

ASKY, he noted, currently served about 22 destinations, mainly in West and Central Africa with two or three weekly flights.

The destinations include Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, DR Congo, Chad, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Republic of Congo, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

He said ASKY’s services has ensured that passengers could now begin a journey from one African country in the region and arrive at another on the same day unlike in the past when passengers had to go to European some countries like Paris in order to connect to a flight to other African countries.

Mr. Awel said that its growing success was based on three key areas: reliability, a strong technical team and networking.

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He explained that the airlines had promised passengers reliability; on-time arrival and on-time departures and had so far lived up to its promise of even being ahead of time on most occasions.

He noted that it had achieved that by starting with a brand new fleet of seven aircrafts (three Boeing 737-700 and four Bombardier Dash 8 Q400).

“As opposed to other airlines that operate with old aircrafts, ASKY does not have problems with aircrafts thus ensuring reliability.”

Secondly, ASKY had a strong technical team who conduct daily checks on the airline’s fleet to prevent major problems. “We do not do maintenance only when there are problems with our aircrafts, our aircrafts are checked daily”, he stated.

Lastly, he said ASKY had developed a network, with its hub in Lome -Togo that ensured that passengers could connect to other countries in the region to ensure that it always had full flights to and from its destinations.

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